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Steamed Beet Salad

This is a really lovely dish to prepare for a potluck.  It brings so much color to the table!  Like many people, I was not a huge fan of beets as a child.  I grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.  Beets were used to pickle hard boiled eggs.  My mom loved those and beets in […]

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Love Yams

Fall is in the air and you are going to FALL into love with these yams.  It is the simplest recipe, yet so nourishing to the body and soul.  There is nothing quite like the smell of yams roasting in the oven.  It reminds me of being in my grandmother’s kitchen on Thanksgiving Day as […]

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Yummy Broccoli

“Your children eat broccoli?” a friend asked in disbelief as both of my boys devoured stalk after stalk. Yes, my boys actually love broccoli. It is one of their veggies of choice.The trick, you ask? Lemon. The lemon gives it a tangy flavor and cuts the bitter so nicely. Plus, along with all of the […]

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